Trademarks Related Services

Trademarks Related Services

Customs have a crucial role to play in international trade, especially in the protection of intellectual property rights. The TRIPS Agreement, which stands for the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, includes standards for the provision, scope, and use of intellectual property rights, such as copyright, trademarks, geographical indications, and industrial designs. This agreement mandates member states to implement various general obligations to enforce intellectual property rights, including necessary procedures to ensure their enforcement and the imposition of rapid and deterrent penalties against any infringement. However, these penalties should not hinder legitimate trade and must have safeguards against misuse.

One of the significant measures to enforce intellectual property rights is “border measures and the protection of intellectual property rights at the customs.” The key procedures involved in this measure are:

  1. Customs authorities can stop the release of goods.
  2. Guarantees or equivalent guarantees should be provided.
  3. The right to inspect and obtain information.
  4. Actions can be taken without request.
  5. Penalties can be imposed.

Our team offers assistance and guidance to clients on the most optimal Anti-Counterfeit strategies. With the help of our professional investigators, we work in collaboration with governmental entities like Customs and Criminal Investigation Departments to provide practical and cost-effective solutions. We also provide expert advice on the appropriate legal actions that should be taken.

Our team diligently monitors all trademark filings across the MENA region to ensure that your intellectual property is protected. By utilizing our elite team and their ongoing detailed trademark watching, we are able to detect any potential trademark infringement or unlawful registration attempt of your famous brand.

Our team is committed to not missing any opposition deadlines and acting swiftly against any potential infringing attempts to safeguard your intellectual property. Trust us to provide you with timely and accurate information to ensure the best protection of your intellectual property rights.

Our watch notice services eliminate the risk of lost revenue due to third-party trademark infringement or unlawful registration. Rest assured that your intellectual property is in good hands with our dedicated team.

Our team is equipped to combat IP infringements and generate market reports for brands. If you’re concerned about your product or brand being infringed upon or counterfeited, we have a specialized market investigation team that can swiftly and effectively detect lookalikes and copycats in the market. We conduct in-depth market investigations to identify and tackle any suspected abuse of your intellectual property rights or any instances of unfair competition.

We also have skilled investigators who specialize in combating online infringements through extensive online market searches on local pages or applications. You can trust us to provide you with a comprehensive report on trademark investigation and market watch of your intellectual property, tailored to your specific needs.

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