IP Legal Services

IP Legal Services

At ZEINAIP, our skilled and knowledgeable legal team can handle various types of corporate and financial disputes, including litigation and enforcement. We are equipped to appear before different levels of courts and provide our clients with effective solutions and strategies to resolve their disputes in a dependable and successful manner. Additionally, we guide and keep our clients involved throughout the entire litigation process.

As it is impossible to completely eliminate infringement and counterfeiting, we offer our clients assistance and guidance on the most optimal and efficient Anti-Counterfeit and Anti-Infringement strategies. With our team of professional investigators, we collaborate with government entities such as Customs and Criminal Investigation Departments to achieve cost-effective and practical solutions. We provide advice on appropriate legal actions to be taken.

On a regular basis, ZEINAIP takes part in both national and international arbitrations and mediations. Many of its lawyers have served as arbitrators and mediators, effectively resolving complex disputes on behalf of their clients. Moreover, ZEINAIP’s lawyers offer guidance to clients on drafting arbitration clauses for commercial contracts and projects.

ZEINAIP provides exceptional legal translation services utilizing highly trained and skilled translators who efficiently manage clients’ legal and business translations. The team delivers remarkable translations with cost-effectiveness and meets the appropriate timeframe requirements.

Typically, documents such as Power of Attorneys require notarization and legalization by competent authorities and governmental entities to be recognized as valid. As each country has unique requirements for legalization, we can assist clients in efficiently, securely, and expertly completing the necessary notarization and legalization process through our operating offices in numerous countries worldwide and our cooperative associates.

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