Patents Related Services

Patents Related Services

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ZEINAIP has recognized the significance of conducting a Prior Art Search, and has made it a top priority by allocating all necessary resources and tools. Prior art refers to any evidence that proves an invention is already known. When pursuing commercialization of an idea, there may be other existing solutions that pose as strong competition. Our expert in-house team is available to guide inventors in identifying alternative solutions, enabling them to successfully argue that their solution is superior.

In order to obtain a patent, an invention must satisfy the criteria of novelty and non-obviousness. Through our service, we assist inventors in accurately evaluating the novelty and non-obviousness of their invention, which can be used to revise their patent application and increase the likelihood of approval. Additionally, we help distinguish between what is considered prior art (already known) and what is new (invention).

Our in-house qualified team offers a Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis as part of our IP services. This analysis involves searching patent literature for both issued and live patents, and providing a legal opinion on whether a product, process, or service may potentially infringe on any patents owned by others.

Our FTO analysis can help businesses identify potential patent issues before launching a product in a specific country. This service can also assist business owners in seeking patent protection for new technologies, thus ensuring a greater level of freedom to operate, rather than relying on trade secrets.

Our Validation system offers comprehensive search report analysis for granted patents, ensuring their validity at the corresponding local patent offices. We incorporate all the necessary amendments according to the relevant national patent laws and oversee the entire examination process, providing assistance in obtaining patent approval.

ZEINAIP’s team of specialists offers legal services that include tracking patent and data protection infringement at local authorities and respective patent offices to ensure intended protection.

To mitigate or eliminate the risk of patent infringement in a specific territory, an infringement analysis will be conducted. If any patent infringement occurs without authorization from the patentee, our legal team will provide assistance in following up with the third party.

Furthermore, our team has the necessary capabilities to represent you in patent litigation cases, ensuring proper enforcement of your patent rights.

In order for a patent application to be successful, it must effectively convey that the invention is both novel and non-obvious. However, accurately portraying the uniqueness of an invention is often more difficult than people anticipate.

Fortunately, the team at ZEINAIP offers specialized Patent Drafting services to assist with this challenge. Our team can help you draft comprehensive claims, a thorough description of the invention, and detailed drawings that accurately convey modifications, specific embodiments, and alternative approaches that comply with various patent laws.

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